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GPS Surveying

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Surveying is the most technologically advanced form of land measurement and data collection utilizing satellites that orbit the earth. The division of land and the determination of land lines is still critical to the proper development of the environment.

Included in the scope of GPS surveying services are Geographic Information Systems and Land Information Systems (GIS/LIS), data collection surveys, land boundary surveys for undeveloped properties, utility inventories, photogrammetric control surveys, topographic maps, ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys, construction layout and others. Field services, using the most modern electronic surveying equipment, assures our clients of a timely, accurate response to their surveying needs.

Joseph A. Schudt & Associates utilizes the most advanced Global Positioning System (GPS) surveying equipment and computer software for all types of GPS, GIS, LIS and other mapping applications.

JAS has a Trimble Virtual Reference Station (VRS) located on site for high-accuracy real-time kinematic GPS positioning that provides a fixed virtual reference station network available at any time without setting up a base station allowing our surveyors to do more accurate GPS surveying with less set-up time.

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