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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is the oldest branch of applied science and historically has been involved in solving problems relating to all of societies improvement in this physical environment.

Our challenge at JAS is to provide problem-solving techniques to a cost-effective solution. Whether an individual consultant or as a member of a Development Team, JAS is committed to the best interests of the client.

The problems facing development today are formidable, ranging from environmental concerns, expeditious timing, efficient use of resources and others. A Project Manager at JAS must address these problems and at the same time retain a fresh creative approach to development.

This task requires use of the most up-to-date tools available to minimize repetitive chores and to maximize creative approaches to problem-solving. All of JAS Project Managers have immediate access to such tools, including AutoCAD workstations in the office and electronic measuring devices in the field.

The JAS problem-solving involvement does not end with design, however. Regulatory Agency relationships are continually maintained to assist the permitting process. Field layout by JAS personnel is available, as is continued review and observation of maintenance procedures. Final "as-built" surveys and/or "Record Drawing" services are provided when needed as well.

See our Services page for a more detailed listing of some of the many services we offer at Joseph A. Schudt & Associates.

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